☀️summer 2024 cleanse + create package☀️

let your creativity FLOW again and become unstoppable!


Are you tired of feeling stuck or overwhelmed when you try to tap into your creative side?

If you're an artist . . . 

a professional creative . . . . 

or a HUMAN BEING with a career and a life that largely makes sense to you except for how much it does not light you up creatively. 

I'm talking to you. 

You want to get creative again, but what you don’t have is the wherewithal to even start. 

You want to tap into that spark again . . . 

that sense of being fully dialed-up. . . 

the full-bodied, pure ELATION that you feel when you are on fire and tapped in with your creative passions! 


It's time to get turned on to your creative senses again... no matter how long you’ve been out of the game. 


Here's what's currently happening: you have clutter. In your space, in your mind, and in your heart.

This adds up to NO space for your creative passions. 


You have a hard time finding time, let alone justifying the time and energy spent, so you don't even begin.

All of this leads to a lack of space, physically and emotionally, for your creative passions. 

So you close *in.*

You become intimidated by the prospect of even opening that door again. 

But deep down inside... something is calling to you and asking to be turned back on again - AKA YOUR CREATIVE FLOW STATE.


Like Alice falling down the rabbit hole into Wonderland, you will unlock the power to get lost in your creative passions again, just falling right back into them.

Are you ready to become enchanted by your passions so much that they become IRRESISTIBLE to you?

Creative Clear-Out is your ticket to unblock the magic and tap back in to the most alive, creative you!

In Creative Clear-Out, you’ll . . . . 

  • Learn to channel your most creative self whenever you want. 
  • Create clear space in your environment for your creative self to thrive even if you don’t have an entire room to dedicate to it. 
  • Get rid of your past creative baggage because it is not too late, and you are absolutely good enough.
  • Clear out mental blocks because your fear of disappointing yourself is holding you back from enjoying yourself. 
  • Make your creativity part of your real life in a way that actually makes sense for you. You’ll know how to build creativity into your busy world. 

"I rediscovered the essence of why I create, embraced mindfulness in my artistic process, and found a supportive community of fellow creatives. I am truly grateful and would highly recommend to anyone seeking to reignite their creative spark."

-Devin Hance

Senior Producer at Axios




You know that your Creative Self is a fire that not only fuels your life, but fuels your soul. 

Anything less than that fully stoked fire is a watered down version of yourself. 

It’s time to tap into that flow state that you thought was gone.

Get the mental clarity to get soooo irresistibly lost in your creative passions again! 

When the overwhelm is gone and the space is clear - the flow state brings magic, miracles, and SO MUCH FREAKING FUN. 


"I spend my days 'being creative' but in a very high-production, focused way. It often leaves me feeling a like a machine. Laura has a way of diffusing that creative pressure and reigniting the inner, innate creative confidence. I left feeling recharged, with bubbling creative energy and ideas!"

- Krissie VandeNoord

Creative Business Owner & Artist




"I have always been a very creative person but sometimes it's hard to recall all of the ways I've brought creativity into my life. Laura's offer allowed me to really concentrate and focus on how I've lived my life as a creative and how I want to consciously utilize it going forward. Laura is great at having me look at things differently and come up with inspiration.” - Rebecca Rubinson

🔆summer 2024 cleanse + create package🔆

Here's what's included....

👉 Full Access to CREATIVE CLEAR OUT…. 6 beautiful, badass, loving modules to cleanse your creative self and get into new creative power (forever access)


✨ Module 1: Clearing. Make physical space and emotional space for your creative self to thrive. Design a unique, meaningful clear space that does what you need it to do and become zeroed in on the things currently in the way of feeling creative!

🎨 Module 2Connecting with your Younger Creative Self. Your Creative Magic from the past is an underused well of creative power and potential. Tap in to their genius and create a roadmap for yourself for your creative passions and desires, from exactly where you are today.

🦄 Module 3: Working With the "Stuff In The Way." This module gives you creative solutions to your physical, emotional, and even time or schedule-based issues in the way of being creative the way you really want to be. This module is both magical and extremely practical. 

🍭 Module 4: The Highway Method of Creativity. This module teaches my personal framework - a tried and true method - to help you approach your creative passions with precision, intention, and for maximum satisfaction - in the long run, and the short run. 

💫 Module 5: Routine Re-Route. This module gives a high-level blueprint and actionable steps to make your creative passion a consistent part of your life - no matter what the demands of your world might be. Walk out with a plan you will happily follow through on. 

🔮 Module 6: Time Magic & Celebration. This module is one part celebration, one part tools to actively access your future creative genius on demand! By now you'll have spent hours being in your creative passion and feeling confident about where you're headed with it. 


👉 One 30-minute private coaching call with Laura Westman


👉 Invitation to 6 community coaching calls

BONUS #1 - How To Get Used to Feeling Good with Jessica Lilly

BONUS #2 - Riding the Roller Coaster of Creativity with Michelle Akin

🎁 BONUS #3 - The Three Brains Workshop with Vickie Poole


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💎 PAY IN FULL - $367 💎
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Ready to fall back down that rabbit hole with mental clarity and confidence?

Feel empowered and excited to get lost in music, drawing, reading . . . . WHATEVER SPEAKS MOST TO YOUR CREATIVE SOUL. 

Reignite that Olympic Torch of Creative Power and let it light you up! 


 "Through her guidance, I rediscovered the essence of why I create, embraced mindfulness in my artistic process, and found a supportive community of fellow creatives. I am truly grateful for this transformative work and would highly recommend it to anyone seeking to reignite their creative spark." - Devin Hance


Laura really held space for us to think about what creativity looks like for us, and it surprised me what the answer was for myself. I loved working with Laura!" - Kelly Morrison


About Moi, Laura Westman


Hey there, I'm Laura Westman - I'm a credentialed coach (PCC), a musician and songwriter, an author, co-host of West of Wonderland Podcast, host of The Creativity Broadcast on YouTube, a former specialty coffee barista and a total fiend for all things magical that feel like they should be "off-limits" to us grown-ups. Walt Disney World is my favorite place in the world (next to my extremely charming home in the Hudson Valley, New York area with my husband Cody and pets Ringo and Rocket).

I truly adore seeing people get lit up by their own creative passions and even learning how to earn money properly for their gifts. I believe everyone deserves to feel a passionate sense of creative joy and magic.

Before I became a coach in 2012, I was teaching intro to improv classes and I just really loved watching people come alive again. Becoming a coach (and then a trainer of coaches, too) gave me an ability to listen deeply for the powers, and fears, behind how we show up in our creativity. I love to unlock it and get back to free expression!

My philosophy is that creativity is how we connect with ourselves. The deepest kind of magic of all. 🔮