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Creativity expands how you move through the world.

Overcoming vocal nodes and years of putting her creative impulses last, Laura understands the tension between your professional world and having a lush creative life. But there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to define success in both places, on your own terms.

Artistic breakthroughs are available at any age, at any moment.

Summoning your own creative genius will have positive consequences across every aspect of your life. Are you curious about what would happen if you opened the doors? Laura made a commitment to giving up the stories about why she shouldn’t perform, healed vocal nodes, and is living in the grown-up expression of a childhood dream. She will tell you firsthand that it’s one thing to imagine this, it’s another thing to walk in it every day. And it is never too late to walk your path.

Ontology, the study of being, enhances creative work.

Laura’s first love language in life was the piano. “There were so many moments as a kid where I didn’t know how to express how I was feeling so I just played it. Plain and simple.” 

Laura’s music is part jazz, par musical theater, and part extremely emo poetry written in the middle of the night. For her, performing her music is most about her connection to the music and to the audience.

Her songs reveal a deep well of love for music as a form of expression and storytelling.

“I am always trying to carry people along with me on some kind of emotional experience,” says Laura of her performances. Using smooth vocal techniques and dramatic chord progressions, she envelopes the listener in a particular moment or place. Her songs are often a snapshot of a period of time in her life. She captures feelings of powerlessness, isolation, union, joy, and idealism. She says, “how you might feel walking home, looking up, and wondering.”

Right now she is mostly performing vocals, piano, and guitar. She is working on incorporating other instruments to enhance the being of every song. She has a glockenspiel because it sounds like stars.