Laura Westman


Laura’s work and life are driven by her core values:

Cultivate Healthy Relationships

Explore and Produce Quality Work

Celebrate Brilliance

Generate Joy in Community

Create and Appreciate Beauty

Laura is an artist and musician who uses ontological coaching to deepen her experience of all of her work. She demands time and space in her life for her creative passions. Creating solid, satisfying work with her clients is an equally powerful art form, to which she devotes her energy, brilliance, and passion.

Laura Westman, PCC, ACCC is a Professional Certified Coach who has coached and mentored across the United States and Asia since 2012. Laura’s lifelong appreciation of the arts brings a fresh, creative energy to coaching and has her focusing on the connection between individuals above all. She has co-founded and hosted many leadership events in the New York area and beyond. She is currently a Junior Program Leader at Accomplishment Coaching, and holds the position of Chief Affiliate Officer at Accomplishment Coaching, in addition to her work in her coaching business with clients. At Laura Westman Coaching, creative chaos gets channeled into polished, powerful work.

Prior to coaching, Laura was an improv comedy instructor and certified barista. She is a graduate of the George Washington University (and Washington Improv Theater). She lives with her fiance on the Lower East Side in Manhattan, and would happily dish about leadership strategies over iced coffee with you. As long as you let her pick the coffee shop.


Clayton Fujimura


Clayton is an invaluable asset at Laura Westman Coaching. His background as an artist makes him extremely collaborative and a great partner for creating systems and structures. He couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity to work as a personal assistant and social media manager to Laura Westman. He loves the work that Laura is doing as a coach and is excited to amplify her being in whatever ways possible.

As part of the LWC team, Clayton is walking evidence that ontological work has a huge impact on the development and sustainability of a business. Laura’s clients don’t always meet Clayton in person, but do benefit from his attention and care in their experience of working with Laura.

Clayton is an artist and a wanderer. He has created music his whole life and has developed into a producer/vocalist whose original songs are thoughtful, sentimental, and sometimes funny. (Check out his EP called Diamonds In Rough!)

"Always grateful." -Clayton Fujimura


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