Laura Westman is an incredible leader, coach, and human. Her ability to inspire and create new possibilities for her clients and team is awe-inspiring and made all that more impressive by the fact that she does it with a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye. She balances power and delight brilliantly… she’s like a glitter-covered battleship.

Hayden H.

Laura keeps us focused and drills us back down to what’s important, because we lose sight of that — being in the weeds, in the mire, in the muck, in the mud, which is what we tend to be in. We overthink things. Laura’s easy synthesis distills it all down every week to “it’s this simple,” which makes our seemingly insurmountable goals actually that simple. She brings very good insights, and it’s so important to have external accountability. It really is. I know we all try to do a great job and do things in a timely manner, but things get in the way. It is great to have the help in keeping us focused and on track!

Renee K.

If meeting Laura feels like it changed your life, imagine what working with her can do for you!

In our work together, Laura has guided my transformation from victim of the world to powerful badass. Not only have I changed careers, but I've been able to transform my relationships with others, step into a more loving relationship with myself, and be brilliant in the world authentically, compassionately, and joyfully.

I'm so grateful for Laura and all that she is; I'm positive that when you hire her, you will be grateful too.

Erin C.

Laura Westman helped me in a crucial part of my career. I’m a hairstylist and I neglected myself. She helped me change my thought process and outlook on life. Now I make sure to give myself more credit and acknowledgement of my achievements, which has given me the confidence and peace of mind to be successful.

I also introduced her to my team at the salon and did group coaching sessions. We as a team became stronger and closer. Laura’s ability to create a custom coaching experience helped all of us out. It’s amazing how she keeps us always engaged and always questioning our negative thought process.

She’s an inspiration and a valuable resource.

Mark T.

Laura Westman has been key to my growth as a leader and business owner. With Laura's coaching, I've grown my company 60% a year since 2014, and led my trade association chapter to #2 in North America.

Beyond the quality of her advice and support, Laura's fun to work with; our coaching calls are a highlight of my week.

If you're ready to get unstuck in your work, relationships, leadership, and health, you should hire Laura as your coach.

Karl S.

I'm not one for writing reviews, it's anathema to me, but in Laura's case I'll gladly make an exception. I have nothing but effusive praise to heap upon her for the invaluable stewardship her coaching has provided me in my personal and professional life.

If you told me beforehand how vastly my life would improve over the year and a half that we worked together I would not have believed you.

She was simultaneously a sympathetic ear and high-powered lens to bring focus to my scattered energy and creativity. Always positive and engaged, she was a constant source of motivation to manifest substantive evolutions. In addition, she's provided me with a cache of tools to use to empower continuing transformation on my own, and for that I'm eternally grateful.

I highly recommend her to anyone curious about coaching or in search of a new approach.

Paul K.

Laura is a fantastic coach, especially for creatives feeling stuck in the corporate world. Working with her helped me launch myself in an entirely new career (and city) -- and I am so much happier for it.

Recommend 100%.

Julie L.

Laura Westman helped me find my voice; who I am. And then got me to listen to myself.

I do not want to know who I would be without her.

Carolyn N.