How To Be Creative in the Age of Digital Noise:
Clear Out the Clutter and Get Into Your Flow for a Fulfilling, Passionate Life



Tired of mindlessly scrolling instead of engaging with your creative passion? Are you exhausted by how much content is out there, and compare yourself to other “legitimate” makers, artists, authors and creators? Maybe you're a creative professional, and the work has completely lost its luster after years of churning out work for other people, but not for you.

In this day and age, social media and other forms of "Digital Noise” bring up our Imposter Syndrome and scatter our attention, keeping us overwhelmed and without a lot of motivation or direction for our own personal creativity.

our own creative genius is always lurking just around the corner, waiting to be invited back to the table. When we know how to cut through the "noise" in different parts of our lives, we suddenly feel free to explore creative passions and make work that is satisfying and fulfilling to us!

Claim your place in the world of creativity today. Join certified coach, creative and podcast host Laura Westman for a straightforward, funny, heartfelt, and action-oriented journey through the messy world of Digital Noise to design a pathway that works effectively for you and your own creative side. The lessons and calls-to-action are designed from a decade of Laura's experience coaching creative people, not to mention her lifelong journey as a student of her own creative spirit. Laura has been an ontological coach for ten years and has a background in music, performing arts, improv, theater production, visual art, poetry, and much more.

How to Be Creative in the Age of Digital Noise is a concise, informative read with journal prompts, action items, and opportunities for reflection and practice. It is intended to help you create and maintain a powerful creative life that is deeply meaningful to you. This book will help personalize your journey, and get you un-stuck from the paralyzing effects of Digital Noise and perfectionism.

Feel like yourself again, and be creatively free.

Excerpts below:

"I am the sort of person who “knows” things. Things like social media is bad for me. But - like most people - in my natural state, I struggle to really get it, to really look at why, and to take on better habits. It’s an intimate act, letting yourself look at how is it bad for me specifically and getting real with yourself about the impact on you and your life."

"The very nature of art requires that we walk a tightrope between expressing through art, and art being regarded in some capacity - even just by ourselves. This tension is a beautiful work of art in itself. And 
how we walk that tightrope is part of the story of our creative spirit, part of the very essence of who we are and why our creativity matters to us."