No one said cutting-edge leadership had to be cookie-cutter.


Imagination. Creativity. Satisfying Work.

where your profession meets your passion.

Across all industries and walks of life, people who bridge the gap between their professional life and their creative passion create joy and transcendence all around them. At Laura Westman Coaching, we traverse the space between our outer world and inner genius to bring the best solutions and opportunities to you and your teams.

We do this work because we are interested in the exploration: the terrain between the mind and the heart is most powerfully traversed together. We learn what it means to create, and to live fully, to work satisfyingly, out loud.

Coaching & Leadership Training


Coaching is a partnership. On the outside it looks like consulting, in that we have appointments and talk about what’s happening. On the inside — it is what we make it based on what will get you where you want to go. I'm trained in 300+ distinctions and tools. But nothing beats my ability to tune into what's actually happening: what works for you, what doesn’t. What you are saying, but most importantly, what you (or your team) are not saying. What needs to be said to move everyone forward at light speed.

We work together to set goals that are delicious in multiple parts of your life or leadership. My job is to learn with you about how you work best and help you achieve what may have previously seemed impossible.



Companies hire coaches for their executives and teams for a variety of reasons - to increase sales or performance, to set goals that would set them apart, to train “soft skills” that will have their teams working better together or to develop specific skills in their leadership.

Coaching and goal-setting provide the structure for your team to develop in all, and potentially more, of these areas. Hiring a coach can also create a culture of coaching, courage, and collaboration — whether this is part of your intended results of coaching or not, there will be positive consequences of coaching engagements.

Clients have enjoyed not only increased productivity as a result of coaching, but focus on goals, and less tension in the office. Clients have said that Laura is a weekly release of pressure, and increase of pressure, in the right places. Her background in improv training gives her a lightness and ability to work with even the toughest of cookies. Depending on the needs of a company, she creates custom packages to serve teams based on their specific needs.



It can be a hard world for an artist. Our society does not reward art the way it deserves to be rewarded. You must be deeply connected to your work. If you are having months-to-years-long ruts in your creativity, or if you know it is time to “level up” in the world with your creative pursuit but have no idea how to put the rubber to the road - it may be time for coaching. Let’s reconnect you to the purpose behind what you create, and create it sustainably in your life.


contact us to apply or request a consultation for the following:

  • One-to-One executive coaching

  • Group or team coaching ongoing engagements or custom internal leadership and team development programs

  • Custom workshops or day-long retreats for your team

  • Personal one-to-one coaching sessions for your development as a leader and artist

  • Artist Reinvention breakthrough session or ongoing engagement

  • 30-minute debrief session for customers of Come Home, Creative

  • Custom speaking and presentation engagements

  • Creative goodies and custom gifts from Laura specific to your work together