I provide coaching services to people who are deeply committed to living out specific dreams in their lives.  How connected are you to your dreams? Who will you have to become in order to live a fully alive, sustainable dream?  Coaching is a dynamic partnership - almost magical - in which you, client, and I, coach, suddenly become larger than the sum of our parts. We work together to design areas of your life and then to have them become real - your dreams coming true in grounded reality. 

As a lifelong student of transformation, artistic expression, phenomenology and ontology, I have over a decade of experience in the coach training industry - both receiving high-level training in transformation and also providing it. I’ve coached thousands of hours, been certified and credentialed, and even provided certifications to other coaches. When you are my client, I bring all of me to the table in service of your dream. I am actively at work in my own life, weaving the tapestry of my next vision, as a clearing for all of my clients to do this work, too. 

From time to time, I get to provide custom programming, workshops, retreats and trainings with my partners at West of Wonderland and The C-Suite Collective. Don’t hold back in sharing your needs and desires with me - we have so many opportunities at our fingertips!  


I coach leaders, artists and even other coaches who know their full aliveness exists in the overlap between their art, their well being, the blossoming of their career, and their relationships. My clients are willing to believe in their own magic and empower me to help them discover and trust it for the bettering of their lives - both in results and in quality.

They are ready for the challenge of rewriting what “success” will take - a process that has them feeling seen, empowered, and fully alive in sustainable creation. 

And we have a ton of fun doing it.  

My clients are also invited to my monthly Office Hours, where I have no agenda except to support them in a group - sometimes we discuss the nitty gritty of something they’re working on, and sometimes we discuss what’s new on West of Wonderland. Sometimes we even talk about my coffee preferences or favorite oracle cards… you never know.  

Some common areas of focus for my clients are:

  • Redesigning their businesses (less stress, more alignment, more income…) 
  • Embracing & producing meaningful creative work 
  • “Leveling up” to a new experience of success in their creative industry 
  • Imagining & implementing leadership strategies aligned with their values (see specific Executive Coaching offering below) 
  • Clarifying & achieving financial goals that are worthy of them 

Click here to see some testimonials of happy clients.

You might have noticed I used words on other pages like “healing” when describing my journey. Coaching is not therapy and is not a substitute for healing the emotional past, which you would do with a qualified therapeutic professional.

The work we do together in coaching can often shed a light on topics that need healing support, which is why I recommend having a therapist when you are engaging a coach. You are transforming parts of your life, and innately, they will ask for some healing and release of the past. Sometimes simply acknowledging it is enough to release them, and sometimes, you need extra support from therapy. 

I have clients who have mentioned that working with me is “innately healing” - not because I am providing healing - but because as a coach, I provide a space that is 100% focused on you, 100% based in an unconditionally loving way of hearing you, standing for you, being with you when you don’t even want to be with yourself, and supporting you. 

That alone can be transformational for many of us. 

Additionally, I have experience as a client of coaching, of therapy; experience in recovery programs and overcoming codependency; experience in creating healing plans in partnership with medical professionals. 

As my client, you also have the benefit of those experiences and my ability to use language with healing modalities you may also be embracing during this time. 

Coaching for Creative Executives is a process I co-design with my clients in service of expanding your ability to impact, influence, and feel a true sense of satisfaction in your leadership. 

In some ways, it operates like “normal coaching” described above. 

However, based on your needs, we may give more time and attention to:

  • Development of specific leadership skills
  • Addressing who you’re Being across the board and its effectiveness 
  • Becoming effective with people you’re challenged by 
  • Managing complex, intergenerational or intercultural change
  • Developing plans for anti-oppression initiatives in your company
  • Attention to performance in specified areas
  • Legacy planning
  • Working on your personal biases and how they show up in professional relationships

 Executive Coaching begins at $45,000 per year and can be co-created with team coaching to suit your company’s needs.



Organizations with big missions are usually staffed by human beings with big hearts, big visions, and - automatic ways of doing things that are not always aligned in a way that they could be (the gridlock is real, y'all). 

Customized programming aligns teams to shared visions, centers strengths, addresses “the listening” across teams, and can transform a company sustainably. We aim to transform companies fully into environments of mutual respect and support to achieve the seemingly impossible.

If your company or organization:

  • Aims to “change the conversation” and have a big impact in the realm of sustainability, social justice, or climate justice 

    - Example Inquiry:  What kind of support and resources would actually have your mission come true - externally to your company, and internally among your team(s)?

  • Supports or trains performing artists for their careers 

    - Example Inquiry:  What kind of self-leadership actually prepares people for successful, sustainable careers in the performing arts?

  • Has big scary goals to support the well-being of people on this planet 

    Example Inquiry:  What systems or structures must be reinvented for everyone to thrive? How do we transition from one state to the next? Who do we have to become in order to be effective on a large scale? 

…then we should talk!

I partner with Wonderland & Co and The C-Suite Collective to fully address the needs of your company, organization or association. 

  • Long or short-term coaching or leadership training (internal or external)
  • Workshops, retreats or off-sites
  • Customized programming or curriculum licensure for your community 

Sample curriculums are available on request, however, it is on purpose that our work is custom-built for your particular human beings. Because we want it to actually make the difference you need, not just be something fluffy that makes people feel good for awhile.

Please use the contact form here to inquire!

Most of these transformations will take a good year of working together. We can discuss length of initial contract in a chemistry call, but I would say to plan to work together for a year.

I offer a variety of coaching containers at different investment levels. 

Becoming a private client of mine will cost between $25,000-$35,000 for the year. Group coaching is sometimes available in the investment range of $1000-$5000. Payment plans are available.

Content library coming soon if you would like to try out some content at a lower cost to you! 

Lastly, your willingness.  Your willingness to transform is the most precious investment of all. If any of these stakes feel confronting -- GOOD! You’ve got to have something on the line if you are committing to creating what’s dreamy to you.